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Why Study Abroad ?

Studying abroad: A boost for your career

So you think studying abroad might give your career a boost, do you? Well, you are right. While you are traveling the world, seeing the sights, you could also be picking up valuable contacts, cultural insights, and language skills that will give you the edge you need in your career if you choose wisely.

In an increasingly competitive global job market, it seems obvious: Studying abroad can take your resume from dull to distinguished. What company would not want a worker with an international perspective, an open mind and fluency in a few languages under his or her belt? But as a university student, it is important to remember that it takes a bit of savvy and a go-getter attitude to truly make your study-abroad experience an asset to employers.

Develop New Perspectives on Academic Subjects and Real-World Issues

Study abroad provides students with opportunities to study a variety of subjects in more depth and from different cultural perspectives. With proper planning and preparation, the study abroad experience can truly be life-changing. Nationwide, students who have studied abroad consistently count their international experience as one of the best parts of their college careers. In all, for those students who undertake the challenge, living and studying abroad is one of the most exciting and enriching opportunities.

Experience Personal Growth

Study abroad is a challenging adventure, academically and personally. Thus, it is not surprising that students who return from abroad consistently report that they developed a greater sense of confidence and independence and a general feeling that they can achieve anything.

Develop Valuable Career Skills

Students who study abroad often develop or strengthen a number of career skills that make them especially marketable when conducting job searches.

Following are just a few of these skills:

Problem solving
Expanded world view
Personal management
Multicultural perspectives
Critical thinking
Problem solving

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